Expo West Postponed Due to Coronavirus

Expo West Postponed Due to Coronavirus

Natural Products Expo West, produced by New Hope Network, will no longer take place this week in Anaheim, Calif., amidst the international COVID-19 — coronavirus — outbreak. In a message to attendees and exhibitors, New Hope wrote, "It is now clear, despite continued advice from local government and health authorities that the City of Anaheim remains open, that the majority of our Community want the show, but they do not want it now."

The four announcements New Hope has currently made are:

  1. Natural Products Expo West in March 2020 is officially postponed, with the intention to announce, by mid-April, a new date.
  2. It is New Hope's intention to work with all exhibitors and attendees on future credits and support, with particular focus on the many entrepreneurs and small businesses that are the heartbeat of this community, for whom it's going to stand up a rebate fund of $5 million targeted at their specific needs.
  3. It is New Hope's intention to deliver a Natural Products Expo West event before the summer to serve the community, either in Anaheim or a suitable alternative location.
  4. New Hope is already working on how to deliver a much-enhanced Expo East in September in Philadelphia, serving and supporting the community with the best show it has ever had on the East Coast.

Prior to making the announcement that the show is postponed, New Hope noted that some members of the buying community would no longer be participating, such as Kimberton Whole Foods, H-E-B/Central Market, Costco, Advantage Solutions, MOM's Organic, Harris Teeter, National Co+op Grocers, Whole Foods Market, Fresh Direct, Cambridge Naturals and Advantage Solutions. They anticipated a 40 to 60% drop in attendance. 

The 40th annual Natural Products Expo West was expected to bring together more than 86,000 attendees from 136 countries. 

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