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Ex-‘Real Housewife’ Embarks on Streit’s Passover Supermarket Tours

Former "Real Housewives of New York" participant Jill Zarin is sharing her festive tips and recipes on Streit's Passover Shopping Tours as the face of the 90-year-old family-owned kosher food brand.

In visits to a Whole Foods Market store in Brooklyn; a ShopRite in Englewood, N.J.; and a Stop & Shop in Staten lsland, N.Y., Zarin will also greet shoppers, show them where to find Streit's Passover products, autograph the company's familiar pink matzo boxes and pose for photos. Her goal is "making shoppers' Passover shopping experience easier by showing them how they can use Streit's delicious Passover products in innovative ways."

Also in time for the holiday, Zarin is launching a cooking blog, "Streit from Jill's Table to Yours," which will go live through the New York-based company's online store. Visitors will be able to view her recipes and add the necessary ingredients straight into their Streit's shopping cart, with items delivered right to their doorsteps.

"The launch of our online store was an obvious next step as we bring our products to the younger generation," noted Streit’s EVP Aaron W. Gross. "Nowadays, it is impossible to ignore the online market. It’s also a great way to get our products out to customers whose local grocery stores don't stock our entire range of products."

The online store will feature all of Streit's products, which include various matzo items, macaroons, cake mixes, candy, chocolates, condiments, preserves, side dishes, spices and stuffing mixes.

Already known for her matzo ball soup and potato latkes (pancakes), Zarin promised to include in her online collection "a few 'out-of-the-box' Passover recipes I have up my sleeve." All of the featured recipes will incorporate Streit's products.

This year, Passover runs from the eve of April 3 through April 11.

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