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Energizer Bunny Gets Revamp

Energizer Holdings Inc., a St. Louis-based supplier of batteries, chargers, portable flashlights and lanterns, has activated a campaign to take its iconic Energizer Bunny to “surprising new places” in response to consumer demand for “more bunny.”

The “Bigger, Better, Bunnier” campaign is the result of a yearlong development process dedicated to aligning the Energizer Bunny’s iconic status with today’s new media. The bunny’s look has been modified to display his “fun, witty personality” via a slimmed-down figure, more expressive facial features and increased flexibility and movement. What will remain intact are his pink fur, sunglasses and blue flip-flops.

The Energizer Bunny debuted his new look at New York Fashion Week Sept. 13, showing off a new accessory at Angela Simmons’ active wear show. From there, he is making a stir with appearances across well-known digital channels, including on YouTube bumper ads and possibly even as a Snapchat lens.

In addition to the new look, the brand is getting a new tagline: “Still Going!” The new one is a nod to the brand’s classic “Keep Going” tagline and intended to reinforce consumers of the brand’s long-lasting heritage and products.  

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