An Egg-citing Development

Instead of spending time with messy coloring kits this Easter, consumers may wish to try some naturally blue eggs, courtesy of Monroe, N.H.-based Pete & Gerry’s Eggs — and if they do, there’s a good chance they’ll get hooked on the unique variety. Laid by cage-free Ameraucana hens originally from South America’s Patagonia region, premium pastel-hued Platine Bleue eggs offer deep-yellow yolks and a rich flavor. The hens are fed a diet of whole cereal grains, marigold and alfalfa grasses containing no byproducts, hormones or antibiotics. Pete & Gerry’s is currently recruiting small New England farmers to raise the eggs, as part of the company’s commitment to the preservation of family farms. Platine Bleue eggs come in crystal-clear recycled plastic cartons. For more information, visit or call Karl Johnson at 603-638-2034.
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