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ECRM Recognized for Support of Operation Shoebox

ECRM was recently honored for its involvement with the non-profit organization Operation Shoebox, a charity that was established in 2003 and sends personal care items, food, stationery, and other products to soldiers stationed all around the world. Over 1,000 bags filled with product are sent to soldiers weekly.

ECRM began donating left over items from its EPPS events to Operation Shoebox in 2008.

Mary Harper, founder of Operation Shoebox, presented Mitch Bowlus, president of ECRM, with a plaque and flag that was flown in Iraq in recognition of ECRM’s continuous support.

“Operation Shoebox is proud to be partnered with ECRM and what people may not realize is that the ECRM family has touched the lives of so many deployed troops all over the world with their generous donations to Operation Shoebox,” said Harper. “Because of their willingness to help, many troops have received needed items that we would not have been able to ship had ECRM not been there for us. ECRM truly makes a difference.”

In the past three years, ECRM and their customers have donated more than $400,000 in products.

“We appreciate those that serve our country and feel it is important to support our troops in any way we can,” said Bowlus. “Our manufacturer customers have been extremely supportive and generous in assisting with our donations to the troops. We receive so many letters from troops thanking us for involvement. It is evident that Operation Shoebox is making a difference and we are so happy to be a part of their mission.”

For additional information on Operation Shoebox, please contact Mary Harper at [email protected] or Al Kraus at [email protected].

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