Eco-chic HBC

Using phytonutrients from indigenous plants, Calgary, Alta.-based Solavie has developed a line of unisex skin and hair care products formulated for the body's reaction to various environmental conditions. The company's Eco-Global Skin/Hair System consists of six "Enviro-types": Mountains, Urban, Tropics, Shore, Plains, and Desert. The products, offered in a patented "yin-yang" bottling system allowing any two bottles to snap together for easy packing and space saving, contain such ingredients as St. John's wort, chamomile, and rosemary. Additionally, Solavie exclusively uses naturally super-charged volcanic spring water loaded with minerals and trace elements. Suggested retail prices for the product line range from $10 to $38. Call (310) 450-0188 or e-mail company founder Pamela Rae at [email protected] to learn more.
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