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Eckerd Corp. Accused of Overcharging Customers in Florida Lawsuit

MIAMI - Eckerd Corp. is being sued on charges that it made some $100 million by deliberately shortchanging customers in 19 states on their prescription medicines, The Associated Press reports.

The plaintiff, Shirley Minsky, is seeking unspecified damages and is asking a state judge to declare the case a class-action lawsuit covering all Eckerd customers, according to the AP. Minsky alleges that for the past two years, Eckerd did not fill some prescription drug orders in full but still charged customers the full price.

The lawsuit also alleges that Eckerd employees deliberately labeled the medications to overstate the amount of medicine the customer was buying.

"I am confident that we have charged our customers the correct price for their prescriptions," Wayne Harris, Eckerd chairman and chief executive, said in a statement Monday.

Eckerd argues that because of its computer system's limitations, it has to round up the quantity of certain medications, including some liquids and ointments, because they come from the manufacturer in prepackaged quantities. The company denies overcharging customers.
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