Earth Fare Invites Shoppers to Kick Products Off Its Shelves

Natural grocer Earth Fare is encouraging shoppers to help it make sure products on its shelves meet the grocer's philosophy against artificial ingredients, even challenging them to finger non-compliant products on its own shelves.

The Asheville, N.C.-based grocer is calling the campaign the "Boot Patrol," and is promising a $50 Earth Fare gift card to any shoppers who find a product with ingredients on its "banned ingredient list."

Earth Fare's "The Healthy Plate" weekly e-newsletter also features a "Boot of the Week." In this week's newsletter, the boot went to "calcium propionate," a chemical preservative and mold inhibitor commonly used in breads.

The grocer said it sent some of its breads to an independent laboratory for testing, and discovered one of the bakery suppliers had used the artificial preservative, even though it was not listed on the label.

"We will no longer be carrying Sammi's Breads because of this, but will soon have alternate bakery products for you of suitable quality and integrity," Earth Fare said in the newsletter.
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