Early Adopter Retailers Laud ECRS Catapult Upgrade

After extensive design, development and testing, ECR Software Corporation (ECRS) has released the latest version of its award-winning Catapult retail automation software. Catapult 5.3 makes available the new Java-based Catapult point-of-sale (code name Transaction Server) and the HTML 5-based Web Office. Catapult 5.3 offers ECRS retail clients access to more than 40 new features and enhancements, a redesigned user interface, and overall architecture transition.

Early adopters of the system have given it rave reviews. "I really like the new Scale Aware feature in 5.3; it's working out very well,” said Cristina Fish from Sparkle Markets. “We are using it not just for produce, but also things like self-serve donuts and postage stamps. Catapult Transaction Server feels very smooth and more advanced than previous software versions."

Catapult 5.3 is PA DSS certified for retailer PCI DSS compliance standards. Sparkle Markets is one of the many retailers who have been testing the system in a live environment for months. "Version 5.3 made Transaction Server possible, and Dash extremely useful," said Tom Wong, CFO of Erewhon Natural Foods.  "The new look, functionality, accuracy, and responsiveness that comes with these features makes 5.3 the most significant upgrade to date.  Knowing that they are still developing on top of this to make 6.0 is something we are very excited about."

Catapult 5.3 consists of three parts: The Catapult Legacy product, Transaction Server and Web Office. Catapult 5.3 Transaction Server and Web Office represent the most dramatic progression of Catapult since its emergence as one of the first Windows Touch-based retail POS software applications in the early 2000s, according to the vendor. The complete redesign of the product will culminate in late 2014 with the release of 100% Java-based Catapult 6.0.

"ECRS Design, Development, and QA teams are pleased to bring our customers the most advanced, feature-rich version of Catapult to date," said Mark Noble, VP of development at ECRS. "This version has many unique and patent pending features designed to give our retailers a decisive edge in the marketplace. The delivery of Catapult 5.3 is further proof to our customers of ECRS' constant quest for technology advancement, industry leadership, and dedication to creating the most capable retail automation system available today."


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