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E-Cig Advertising Undisturbed by FDA Regulations

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last week finally released proposed deeming regulations covering electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products, one thing was missing from the proposal: rules on the marketing and advertising of the products.

As a result, television commercials, radio spots, print ads, billboards and sponsorships will continue -- for now.

"It's going to get a lot of people upset," Jason Healy, president of blu eCigs, told Ad Age. "From a marketing perspective, I think this is great."

Praising the FDA's science-based approach to the proposed regulations, he said "it's a cautious approach and not a knee-jerk reaction."

Blu debuted its first TV advertising campaign in the fall of 2012, about six months after the electronic cigarette brand was acquired by Lorillard Inc. NJOY and LOGIC Technology Development LLC also have wide-reaching marketing campaigns for their e-cigarette products.

It remains unclear whether Thursday's announcement from the FDA will encourage more advertising around e-cigarette products, Ad Age reported.

"As it stands right now, there are no plans to increase or decrease our level of advertising," Healy said regarding blu eCigs.

A recent report released by Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) said the largest electronic cigarette manufacturers spent nearly $60 million combined on advertising and promotion, with marketing budgets at some e-cigarette companies growing by more than 100 percent year over year.

NJOY said it plans to spend $30 million marketing its product in the United States this year, according to Ad Age.

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