Driving Loyalty in the Meatcase

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Driving Loyalty in the Meatcase


It’s no secret that competition for the food shopper’s satisfaction and loyalty has steadily grown as more retail channels enter the fresh food business. Despite all of the venues available, however, shopping for meat remains very difficult for many consumers, primarily because products are similar in shape and color, are often mixed together, and there are many different types of items and cuts that can often be overwhelming for some.

But as our lead feature by PG Senior Editor Joseph Tarnowski reveals, grocers can up their share of shoppers’ meat purchases with almost no cost other than time, according to a Meat to Meals research study produced in partnership with the National Pork Board and Meridian Consulting Group.

With the meat department serving as the centerpiece of consumers’ meal-planning process, some shoppers are still jumping from store to store for their meat purchases, which for the most part, is quite easy to address with little or no cost other than time, according to the research study.

“The meat department has lots of opportunities to improve shopability and better engage consumers in the department,” says Karen Strauss, executive consultant for Meridian. “This in turn will drive loyalty, and increase shoppers’ share of meat purchases, and more money to the bottom line.”

Read on for more meaty ideas to help shoppers keep your stores at the top of their list for their fresh meat purchases.