Drink to Well-Being

To provide consumers with a wider array of tea choices, Tazo Tea, has introduced the Tazo Well-Being tea line. The three new blends, Tazo Thrive (green teas and botanticals), caffeine-free Tazo Rest (rose petals, valerian root and citrusy herbs) and Tazo Focus (black tea, roasted yerba maté, orange essence and cocoa peel), are designed to inspire serenity, tranquility and clarity through carefully chosen ingredients, according to the brand, which is a part of Seattle-based Starbucks Corp. In common with all Tazo teas, the new line’s premium, all-natural ingredients are blended on site in Portland, Ore., to ensure flavor consistency and quality. Due to arrive on store shelves in February 2010, the Well-Being teas will come in 16-count boxes retailing for a suggested $3.99 each. For more information, visit www.tazo.com.
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