Dorothy Lane Markets Creates Chocolate Dress For Spring Fling

The patisserie team from Dayton, Ohio-based Dorothy Lane Market pulled off a sweet surprise with its chocolate dress for the three-store chain’s annual Spring Fling Pastry & Food Show.

The 40-pound dress, which needed to support its own weight, was built on a papier-mâché cast of the model’s body. The cast provided support and acted as a barrier between the chocolate and the model’s body; she had to wear the dress for three hours.

“The most surreal part was seeing it all come together,” said Lindsey Lucas, Dorothy Lane Market patisserie manager. “It’s one thing to think up ideas and know how you want it to come out; but achieving it can be challenging.”

The finished dress featured 125 chocolate flowers, 200 gumpaste flowers, 25 hand-painted rice paper butterflies and chocolate branches.

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