Dole Food Co. to Help Consumers Track Bananas to Organic Source

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. -- Dole Fresh Fruit International, Ltd., the Latin American fresh fruit division of Dole Food Co., Inc. based here, launched a new Web site aimed at bringing consumers closer to its organic banana operations.

Dole said it is launching the new site in response to demand from consumers who increasingly want specific information relative to the farms where the Dole organic bananas are grown or purchased from growers.

Key to the system is the Dole organic bananas' label, which is printed with a unique farm code that corresponds to the specific farm where the product was sourced. When consumers enter the indicated code into the new Dole Website,, they can gain access to the farm's page, where they can find information regarding the farm's characteristics (country, location, certifications), have the opportunity to learn more about the grower, read stories about Dole-sponsored projects in the communities and look at pictures.

The Dole organic Web site also has a link to the most advanced satellite images technology available on the Internet, enabling consumers to actually view the farm where the bananas they purchased were grown and the neighboring areas.
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