Divine Intervention

Divine Chocolate is presenting a unique range of holiday chocolates to make this Christmas a sweet one for U.S. families as well as Ghanaian cocoa-farming families. The farmer-owned Fair Trade chocolate brand is offering for a suggested $5.99 a traditional advent calendar, in which each day reveals a detail of the Nativity story, along with a milk chocolate heart, while the back of the calendar tells the story of how cocoa is grown and harvested in Ghana, and includes a promotion to win a free basket of Divine Chocolate. Among the Washington-based company’s other seasonal items are foil-wrapped milk or dark chocolates packaged in festive cathedral boxes, for a suggested $4.99; nets of milk chocolate coins for a suggested $3.50 each; and dark chocolate After Dinner Mints for a suggested $8. Visit www.divinechocolateusa.com to learn more.
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