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Discrimination Suit to Be Filed Against Kroger

WASHINGTON - A Washington, D.C.-based law firm said on Wednesday it would file a class action suit against Kroger Co. charging that the company used racially discriminatory selection and promotion procedures, Reuters reported.

The suit will be filed today in U.S. District Court in Louisville, Ky., on behalf of African American employees who have worked at Kroger at any time since October 1998 and who have been subject to discrimination. The prosecutors seek back pay and injunctive relief to stop the alleged practices.

"Kroger routinely promotes whites, while ignoring the qualifications of its African-American employees," attorney David Sanford said in a statement.

Kroger spokesman Gary Rhodes told Reuters that the company had not received a copy of the suit, but he defended its record. "Kroger has a very strong track record of hiring and promoting minorities throughout the company," he said.
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