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How Data Sharing Addresses Supply Chain Issues and Opens Up New Opportunities

Unprecedented converging headwinds — the pandemic, e-commerce growth, and the war in Ukraine — have caused massive disruptions to both supply and demand. Their impact has been compounded by price inflation for retailers and suppliers.

To uncover the challenges companies have been facing, NielsenIQ partnered with Coresight Research on a survey of large FMCG retailers and suppliers in North America. Some key research findings include:

44% are beginning to cope with these challenges through data exchange

37% say lack of centralized data collaboration platform is a limitation

51% of suppliers plan to buy data from retailers to improve supply chain management


Read the report, “Discovering Hidden Treasure in Your Supply Chain Data” to learn about the challenges suppliers and retailers currently face, and how they are sharing data and leveraging supply chain solutions as a means to competitive advantage.

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