Discover the Missing Links

Saag’s Specialty Meats has expanded its Naturals line, which formerly consisted of chicken sausages, to include three pork varieties and one breakfast link. Made from premium cuts of pork, custom spice blends and fresh ingredients, the San Leandro, Calif.-based company’s fully cooked pork sausages are coarsely ground and packed in all-natural casings. The new varieties are moderately spicy Calabrese with fennel and crushed red chilies; zesty, naturally hickory-smoked Andouille, which features Cajun seasoning; Smoked Pork, which also incorporates the flavor of hickory; and Pork Link breakfast sausages, which combine sage and crushed red pepper. Saag’s Naturals sausages retail at a suggested $5.99 to $6.99 per 12-ounce package. Visit for further information.
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