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Digital Transformation: The Rise of Autonomous Back-of-House Technologies


Just as consumer interfacing technologies are revolutionizing the shopping experience, evolving retail supply chain and back-of-house applications are creating a brave new world behind the scenes as well. The digital transformation of retail is equipping retailers with an array of innovative tools that enable them to compete more effectively in a crowded marketplace.

Most of these new applications operate autonomously, requiring little or no human intervention. Some use RFID to monitor stock levels or food freshness. Others apply cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to significantly improve accuracy in crucial areas like assortment planning, space allocation and pricing optimization. Then, there are last mile omnichannel delivery models that provide alternative ways to get merchandise into consumers’ hands.

All of these solutions can help retailers be more efficient, competitive and profitable and, most importantly, can improve the customer journey. Aperion and EnsembleIQ have partnered to provide the industry with a common lexicon, best practices, and case studies shaping the digital retail experience. This whitepaper looks at some of the most successful applications being implemented in retail supply chains today, and how retailers are using these tools to digitally—and literally—transform their businesses.

Artificial intelligence = real planning gains

Some of the most exciting supply chain and back-of-house technologies to emerge in recent years involve AI, enhanced by the advent of cloud computing and big data that have allowed retailers to implement AI feasibly and efficiently. The AI solutions are automated, save significant time and are far more accurate than many existing processes.ay to a bright new future.

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