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Progressive Grocer’s newsletters, digital editions, webinars, and new website are go-to resources for retailers

Retailers find the most up-to-the-minute information, news, insights, and trends when they read PG online, and they know they can rely on the journalistic integrity of the editors who provide content for PG’s digital assets.

Manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers can count on PG's digital assets to help them reach these engaged retailers, and display ads on the website and in newsletters are just the start. PG's industry-leading website metrics provide a perfect springboard for extending your reach and impact with remarketing campaigns, exit intent ads, and more.


PG website

Get noticed on the grocery industry’s #1 website. is the grocery industry’s #1 website for up-to-date news and category coverage, along with online-only original content.

  • 100,583 Unique users

  • 155,197 Sessions

  • 246,785 Pageviews

  • 90,828 Organic Search Pageviews

  • 53,256 Organic Search Sessions

Source: Google Analytics, May 2017
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PG newsletters

Reach a dedicated and engaged audience of opt-in subscribers.

Progressive Grocer’s suite of industry- and category-focused newsletters covers the market in up-to-date information and news. 

  • Progressive Grocer Daily5
    39,586 Subscribers*

  • Progressive Grocer Breaking News
    42,660 Subscribers* 

Category Newsletters

  • Fresh Trends
    18,623 Subscribers*

  • Tech Trends
    16,500 Subscribers* 

  • Center Store Trends
    19,252 Subscribers*

  • New Products

  • Grocerant
    4,800 Subscribers**

Source: *December 2016 BPA Brand Report; ** Self reported

Newsletter ads

Newsletter ad options

Digital Editions

PG Digital edition has a full archive of the print publication. The online version allows for additional exposure and is an interactive and engaging user experience that can be viewed on any mobile device.

Digital Edition Reader Demographics

Total Qualified Circulation: 7,508

digital edition demographics
Source: Progressive Grocer BPA Audit, December, 2016 – measuring November, 2016 performance


Remarketing allows your company to connect with the grocery retailer executives that visit the Progressive Grocer website by displaying your ads to them as they browse the web or even search on Google.

Exit Intent ads

The opposite approach to remarketing—they work well in tandem—these responsive ads appear when readers are exiting the website and are designed to produce high click-through rates.

Grow your Thought Leadership Position while Generating leads

Straight TalK

An online editorial series that provides clarity around the grocery market’s biggest business and technology misconceptions. Each Straight Talk topic is  suggested, written and sponsored by the customer and vetted by PG editors. Straight Talks identifies and debunks myths on the hottest topics in the industry and provides the critical truths and contradicting realities for grocery stores. Print deployment is optional.

Sponsored Content

Two versions – Content Syndication and Sponsored Content

  • Labeled as ‘Sponsored’ on Homepage and Category Pages 

  • Content is provided by the client in either a sponsored blog or white paper

  • Flexibility on gated content and download-ability

  • 90 days worth of leads 

Monthly Sponsored Blog

Dedicated section of the site under ‘Views & Videos’

  • Two versions: Ghost and customer written
  • Featured throughout the site
  • Promotional email delivered to newsletter contacts


User-friendly visual lead generation product for busy executives, Infograms offer interesting facts based upon EIQ research reports and other citable sources.

  • Topic driven by the customer.

  • Gated downloadable PDF to generate leads online for 90-days.

White Paper Landing Page

White paper landing page
  • Labeled as ‘Sponsored Content’

  • Customizable PDF Download Page 

  • Also available for gated or ungated HTML content

  • Leads will be available in LegionIQ


Standard Webinar Package

  • Webcast uses customer-provided content  

  • Customer provides any necessary speakers

  • EIQ moderates program and produces product

  • EIQ markets to target audience

  • Webcast is available on website for 3 months

Full Service Webinar Package 

  • Editorial consultation on topic, content and speakers

  • All content creation done by EIQ

  • EIQ moderates program and produces product

  • EIQ markets to target audience

  • Webcast is available on website for 4 months

Sponsored Quizzes

Engage users by letting them test their knowledge and see how they compare to their peers.

  • Suggest content (gated or otherwise) to read for more information with the answers.

  • Drive traffic to a customer site or Progressive Grocer content. Form to collect reader information.

  • Can be promoted through site ads, newsletters, email and remarketing.

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