Digital Camera Sales Seeing Sharp Growth in Hispanic Markets

Solana Beach, Calif. -- Digital camera sales are quickly growing among Hispanic customers with Internet access, according to a joint study from market research firms Luth Research and Answers Research.
The survey, which polled 17,000 digital camera users from Luth Research’s SurveySaavy online community, found that Hispanic digital camera users are more likely to share their photos with a larger number of family and friends (21 people versus 18 for non-Hispanics), and share photos more frequently.
“Hispanic consumers are jumping on the digital camera bandwagon,” said Albert Fitzgerald, president of Answers Research. “We anticipate that within 12 to 18 months Hispanic consumers will match non-Hispanics in their ownership of digital cameras.”
The channels where cameras are purchased also vary from Hispanic to non-Hispanic consumers, according to Fitzgerald. Hispanics are more likely to purchase through Consumer Electronic stores than are non-Hispanics (51 percent vs. 44 percent) compared to general discount or department stores.

“This may indicate that Hispanic consumers are seeking purchase outlets which will provide more guidance and have more knowledge on the cameras,” Fitzgerald said.
Knowledgeable sales reps in retail distribution appear to be very important in selling to the Hispanic consumer. The majority of Hispanic digital camera buyers sought information from consumer electronics stores before purchasing, according to the study. Hispanics are also less likely than non-Hispanics to seek advice from friends or family members that are non-Hispanics.
“We have not only seen a major increase in ownership among Hispanic consumers but their use of internet photo sharing sites has also dramatically increased,” said Fitzgerald. “Hispanic consumers are more likely to upload their digital images to a photo sharing site.” Survey data show that Hispanics are also more likely to use the following sites compared to non-Hispanics: MySpace, Photobucket, Imageshack, and Slide.
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