Diet Experts' Confidence in Food Supply Falling: Report

FRESNO, Calif. -- Almost 40 percent of American Dietetic Association members surveyed said their confidence in the food supply has decreased over the past 12 months, according to a survey conducted by the California Olive Industry here.

The registered dieticians and nutritionists also indicated a strong preference for American food, with 66 percent saying that when presented with a choice, they prefer food that was produced in the U.S.

This preference appears to stem from the belief that U.S. produced food is more highly regulated than other countries. Seventy-once percent of the nutritionists said they rated their confidence in the U.S. food supply as either excellent or good, while slightly over 3 percent rated it as bad/terrible.

Eighty-two percent reported that they thought it was important to know what country their food was coming from. And when asked if they read labels to find out where their food was from, 69 percent agreed/strongly agreed that they did read labels.

The Internet-based survey was answered by 843 American Dietetic Association members during the week prior to the annual Food & Nutrition Conference, which took place in Philadelphia Sept. 29 - Oct. 3.
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