Diageo Drives National Effort To Prevent Underage Drinking

NORWALK, Conn.-- Leading spirits, beer and wine company Diageo here joined parent activists and lawmakers yesterday to raise awareness about the dangers of underage drinking during the traditional season of spring break, prom and graduation.

"Spring is a time of celebration for families with spring break, the proms and graduation. Unfortunately, it is also a season of dread for parents, because too often these celebrations turn into a time of personal tragedy as a result of underage drinking," said Guy Smith, Executive Vice President, Diageo North America, in a news conference call. "As a company of families -- of brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers -- we believe protecting our children from the dangers associated with underage drinking is the responsibility of us all. That's why we are actively supporting initiatives across the country to keep our kids safe by keeping alcohol out of their hands."

Diageo executives were joined by representatives from law enforcement, parents' groups and alcoholic beverage trade groups to discuss an initiative underway in almost 20 states to prevent underage access to alcohol through stricter penalties for adults who unlawfully provide alcohol to young people.
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