Demnark's Fakta Installs Biometric Security Systems Chainwide

DENMARK -- Fakta discount and warehouse clubs last week completed deployment of 1,500 fingerprint scanners across approximately 350 stores to replace magnetic employee cards by providing secure employee access to every cash register for login with just the touch of a finger.

"Biometric security is a natural fit for large retailers like Fakta," said John Ravn, chief controller for Fakta. "We've upgraded security and access control for our cash registers, resulting in easier administration, improved safety and significant cost savings from not having to make, distribute and manage thousands of security cards every year. Unlike security cards, a fingerprint can't be borrowed, so added PIN numbers aren't needed, bringing another level of safety for both Fakta and employees."

Vitani, a distributor of biometric physical and IT security in Denmark, chose to install the Verifi P3400 fingerprint reader from Zvetco Biometrics on Fakta cash registers at checkout, replacing a card-based system for employee authentication and log-in that also required a memorized PIN number for each employee. Checkout cashiers and managers now use their fingerprints to log into the cash register system, eliminating the need for employee cards that can be lost, forgotten at home during work shifts, lent out, or borrowed. The cash registers add further security by locking and logging out employees after three minutes without use, requiring just seconds for a cashier to log back in with a quick swipe of a finger.

Vitani also deployed a new bank vault security application for Fakta that connects Zvetco's fingerprint scanners to a physical safe in each store. The new solution manages secure access to money in the vault. An authorized employee's fingerprint is required to open the vault, with a long time delay before the safe door opens to prevent robbery.

"With the upgraded biometric and time-delay vault security, we're providing our staff the best possible safety in case of a robbery, and are making it absolutely clear that it makes no sense to try stealing from Fakta's safes," said Ravn.

The fingerprint biometric solution eliminates risks from previous magnetic card-based systems where the card could be shared, and a new logging system records the person, time, and other information for all access to the safe.

Fakta is a 350-store warehouse club selling food and merchandise in discount bulk quantity. It's owned by Coop, a retail company with more than 1,000 total stores across Scandinavia.
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