DemandTec Delivers New Features to its Saas Solution

DemandTec, Inc., a provider of on-demand optimization solutions for retailers and consumer products manufacturers, released the latest update to its software-as-a-service suite, which has been deployed and is in use by DemandTec customers.

The two most recent software updates were developed to deliver new analytics, enhanced operational efficiency, and greater ease of use.

“In the current economic environment, it is critical for retailers and consumer products manufacturers to quickly understand shifts in shopper behavior and leverage that understanding to make the right business decisions,” said Marc Dietz, VP of marketing at San Carlos, Calif.-based DemandTec. “Considering the consumer-related challenges all companies now face, as well as a dynamic cost environment, today more than ever our customers need to be both smarter and more efficient. Our latest enhancements represent significant investments in delivering these benefits to our retail and consumer products customers.”

Following are some benefits of the new release, according to DemandTec:

--Increased integration between promotion planning and downstream advertising tasks
Configurable product costing that allows users to simulate merchandising optimization strategies under a wide array of future cost, vendor support, and related assumptions
--Enhanced automation in areas such as price updates to account for changes in taxes and other environmental factors

The software service updates described above were deployed simultaneously to DemandTec’s network of global retail and consumer products manufacturer customers, made possible by the company’s Software-as-a-Service model. DemandTec customers receive software updates approximately every quarter to ensure the latest application functionality, science, and infrastructure is employed.

DemandTec customers include Delhaize America, General Mills, Giant-Carlisle, HEB Grocery Co. and Safeway.
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