DemandTec Adds New Partner Services to Network

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DemandTec Adds New Partner Services to Network


DemandTec, Inc., a collaborative optimization network for retailers and consumer products companies, has launched two new services on the DemandTec network powered by new partners RivalWatch and FoodLink Online LLC.

Partner-enabled services are activated and delivered on the DemandTec network through the DemandTec Network Partner Program, which was developed to provide a seamless experience for the community of 16,000 active network members. DemandTec customers will benefit from partner services that offer value-added content and functionality specifically designed to enrich and extend DemandTec capabilities. Partner services on the network leverage the strengths of a qualified partner ecosystem that closely aligns with the retail and consumer products industries to give them more flexibility and information to make business decisions.

"The DemandTec Network Partner Program offers an efficient channel for our growing partner ecosystem to reach an engaged, active audience on the network," said Will Johnson, VP of corporate development and alliances at DemandTec. "We welcome RivalWatch and FoodLink to the DemandTec network and look to continue adding value to our community of customers."

The new partner services are:
RivalWatch on DemandTec, which provides network members with competitive information from Amazon or Amazon Marketplace on category level price points, brand mix, and assortment. With this service, users can choose three categories relevant to their business from a list of 60 categories, and competitive pricing data will be provided free of charge. For customers using DemandTec's Everyday Price Optimization service, this information will be made available from within the software service interface, enabling users to conduct what-if scenarios regarding competitive reactions to Amazon's pricing. Users also have the ability to add categories and competitors for an incremental charge, per category or competitor.

"We've enjoyed a fruitful relationship with RivalWatch for more than two years and we believe the inclusion of RivalWatch's services on the DemandTec network will deliver significant value to the marketplace," said John Kittle, retail innovation and analytics manager at Ace Hardware. "There is a clear gap between competitive data and an analytical decision platform to activate competitive insights, and the new RivalWatch on DemandTec service fills the void."

FoodLink FreshBuys on DemandTec, which is designed to proviode wholesale buyers with access to fresh, high-quality produce at a significant market discount. With this service, users connect to thousands of accredited national and local perishable food suppliers in an efficient way to access and execute short-term inventory opportunities.

"FoodLink and DemandTec have both provided important services for C&S Wholesale Grocers, and we applaud this new partnership," said Anthony Sattler, VP of produce at C&S Wholesale Grocers. "In a complex category such as perishable goods, collaboration with your supply base and intelligent use of data are critical factors for success. FoodLink FreshBuys on DemandTec is a promising sign of greater industry collaboration."

By joining the DemandTec Network Partner Program, qualified service providers are able to gain access to an audience of leading retail and consumer products end users on the DemandTec network. Current and future partner services on the network are designed to help extend existing DemandTec capabilities or add valuable content as users interact with DemandTec software services. Partner services may be integrated into DemandTec capabilities, or stand alone to support better business decisions.