Delhaize Sweetbay Shifts Execs

TAMPA, Fla. - Sweetbay Supermarket, a member of the Delhaize America group, said yesterday that several of its executives are shifting their roles to better reflect their specific skills and interests.

Craig Geer will transition from v.p. of merchandising, to v.p. of store engineering and construction services. In this capacity, he will be responsible for engineering and construction services, refrigeration and energy management, and facilities maintenance (M&R). He will also oversee the execution of both prototypical and site-specific fixture plans representing the combined input from retail operations, merchandising, and other business areas.

"Craig has a natural gift in these areas," said president and c.e.o. Shelley Broader in a statement. "This new role will allow him to dedicate his entire focus here to contribute a measurable, sustainable impact."

In addition, Geer will work closely with counterparts from other Delhaize Group companies to maximize the quality presentation at the company's sites and facilities, while continually seeking efficiencies in process and reduction of cost.

Steve Smith, meanwhile, will shift from v.p. of marketing to v.p. of merchandising. He joined Sweetbay nearly three years ago, and has been at the forefront of Sweetbay's efforts to "recreate the company from the inside out," according to the company.

"Steve has an incredible consumer focus and is truly a world-class collaborator, whether it be with his colleagues here in Florida, colleagues across all Delhaize Group banners, or external business partners," said Broader. "He openly shares his knowledge and is an eager learner. These attributes, along with Steve's strong desire and ability to explore the different core aspects of our business, will serve us all extremely well."

Russ Lake, director of corporate development, has played a critical role in all aspects of real estate, corporate development, and prototype planning at Sweetbay over the past two years. In his new capacity as director of real estate and growth strategy, he will focus on new store initiatives and other vehicles of growth to increase Sweetbay's business. Lake will oversee future location initiatives, long-term growth strategy planning, and property management.

"Russ and his team have made a significant contribution to our company," continued Broader. "His ability to leverage his team, their research, and real estate methodologies represent one of the keys to our continued success."
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