Delhaize Outlines ‘Supergood’ Sustainability Strategy

In its online-only 2012 Sustainability Progress Report, international food retailer Delhaize Group discusses the progress it has made in incorporating sustainability into its business during the year, particularly in the areas of sustainable seafood, waste reduction and the reformulation of private-brand products to improve nutritional value.

The Brussels-based conglomerate also reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability through the introduction of “2020 Ambition -- On our way to Supergood,” a plan for the next seven years.

“All of our operating companies -- from the mature markets to the newer markets -- are actively engaged on the roadmap toward the 2020 Ambition,” noted Delhaize president and CEO Pierre-Olivier Beckers. “We made particularly good progress in moving to zero waste, in creating more sustainable private-brand products and in engaging our associates in sustainability.”

Among the achievements highlighted in the report:

Zero Waste: All operating companies implemented waste reduction pilot programs, and at Delhaize’s U.S. stores, the waste going to landfill was reduced by 8 percent in a year’s time.

Sustainable Seafood: At Delhaize America, all fish is now sustainably sourced, and at Delhaize Belgium, 100 percent of fresh seafood products are sustainably sourced.

Healthier Private-brand Products: The company continues to reformulate private-brand products to improve their nutritional value.

Performance Management: For the first time, 23 percent of executives were assigned specific sustainability goals.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes: Delhaize was listed for the first time in both the World and the European indexes.

The Supergood strategy consists of three layers: one area Delhaize intends to WIN (surpass its competitors’ efforts in local markets); three areas the company intends to LEAD (be among the leaders in its local markets); and a foundation of sustainable best practices it will uphold EVERY DAY.

Delhaize operates stores in 10 countries on three continents, employing about 158,000 people.

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