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Delhaize Officials Discuss Ahold Merger Benefits

During Delhaize Group’s Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, Mats Jansson, chairman of the board of directors, and Frans Muller, president and CEO, discussed the strategic benefits of the company’s pending merger with Amsterdam-based fellow retail conglomerate Ahold, as well as highlights from fiscal year 2015’s financial and operational performance. 

“We are pleased with the ongoing support of our shareholders over the year,” said Jansson.  “Looking ahead, we continue to work toward the completion of our proposed merger with Ahold, which we believe will deliver great value to all stakeholders, including our shareholders.”

Also during the meeting, shareholders approved all resolutions, including the annual accounts for fiscal year 2015 and the distribution of a €1.80 gross dividend per share. After a 27 percent withholding tax reduction, the result is a net dividend of €1.31 per share.

Brussels-based Delhaize operates in seven countries, including the United States, on three continents. The company’s sales network consists of 3,512 stores, and it employs about 154 000 people.

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