Customers Can Exercise While They Shop at Tesco

LONDON - Customers at Tesco can now work out while they shop by using one of the company's "Trim Trolleys," the BBC News reports.

The shopping cart, which was designed by German company Wanzl, features a large wheel between the two rear wheels on the trolley that provides resistance. Customers can make their shopping workout harder by increasing the resistance. A monitor shows the shopper's heart rate -- picked up through sensors on the bar -- as well as calories burned.

Customers are thought to burn up around 160 calories during a typical 40-minute visit to the supermarket pushing a standard cart, but pushing the Trim Trolley for the same amount of time, with the resistance level set at seven out of a possible 10, the average person would burn up around 280 calories, the equivalent of a 20-minute leisurely swim.

A prototype of the $887 shopping cart is due to be introduced at Tesco in Kensington, west London, next week. Standard carts cost around $125.
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