Cummins Allison Unveils Coin Machine Programs for Grocers

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Cummins Allison Unveils Coin Machine Programs for Grocers


Cummins Allison, the Mount Prospect, Ill.-based innovator and provider of currency, coin and check handling solutions, has introduced new offerings for grocers interested in leveraging the benefits of self-service coin machines to grow their business and increase their bottom line.

The company is offering a choice of four programs to address the unique needs of the grocery industry, where floor space is valuable and capital is precious.

Placement: This option requires no investment, instead Cummins Allison places the coin counter free of charge and manages the entire coin counting solution.

Lease: Reap the value of buying and realize potential tax benefits without the capital investment.

Rent: With a fixed monthly payment, grocers can count on a fixed expense and the ability to set user fees and retain those profits.

Own: Grocers can maximize long-term profitability and return on investment (ROI) through self-service coin machine ownership.

Cummins Allison also offers a complete Coin Management Program that is a turnkey coin pickup and processing solution – designed to eliminate the time-consuming task of coin handling so store associates are free to focus on more valuable service-related activities.

Grocers can also choose to process coin at the store for recycling. Coin counters can be customized with the grocer’s brand, packaged with ready-made graphics or used in their standard housing.

“We’re allowing grocers to customize how they add coin counters to their stores, how the machines look and how they process the coins—it’s complete flexibility,” said Jim Weaks, VP, Cummins Allison. “Our procurement choices give grocers complete control to select the option that best meets their business objectives.”