Cub Foods Offers Coffee to Help Minnesota Military Families

Honor Grounds coffee, which features the personal stories of Minnesota war veterans on the packaging, can now be bought at all 66 Cub Foods locations in the state.

The stories aim to raise visibility and funds for Minnesota veterans and those now serving in the National Guard and Army Reserve. Through a partnership with a Minnesota-based nonprofit, Tee It Up For The Troops, Inc., 50 cents of the purchase price of each bag of Honor Grounds go to support Minnesota veterans and their families.

The program was created by Dan Boudreau and John Salterio, partners in Consolidated Services Group (CSG). "Hometown Hero stories honor both the service and the sacrifices these men and women have made," noted Dan Boudreau, himself a veteran. "We wanted to show our appreciation to veterans, and those currently serving our nation, by recognizing their sacrifices and generating financial support."

"It's a simple way for our customers to help Minnesota veterans and their families as they transition into and out of deployment," added Brian Huff, president of Stillwater, Minn.-based Cub Foods.

According to Kathleen Vitalis, executive director of the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans: "There are more than 410,000 veterans in the state of Minnesota. Approximately 1 percent will experience homelessness every year. The others may struggle with unemployment, rising health care, housing, and utility costs or foreclosure. Dollars generated by the sale of Honor Grounds coffee mean increased outreach to help us serve more veterans and their families."

Sustained by state agencies supporting veterans in Minnesota, Vermont, Iowa, Indiana, and Maine, Honor Grounds coffee is available in such varieties as Five Star Joe, Reveille Dark Roast, and D-Day Decaf.
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