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Cub Foods East Launches Biometric Payment In All Stores

CHICAGO -- Cub Foods East Region today said it is launching biometric payment technology in all 24 of its Chicago stores.

The new technology, provided by Pay By Touch, is allows shoppers to pay for their groceries with a finger scan that is linked to their financial accounts, eliminating the need to carry a wallet or checkbook in the store.

"We're always looking to bring additional conveniences to our customers," said Ed McManus, president of Cub Foods East Region. "Not only will it provide shoppers with greater convenience, but added security and ease of check out."

Shoppers can use Pay By Touch after a quick one-time sign-up at a special kiosk located in Cub stores. Signing up consists of providing identification, a voided check or EBT (electronic benefit transfer) card and a finger scan.

Once enrolled, shoppers can use their finger to purchase products at any Cub Foods store. To pay for goods, shoppers simply place their finger on a scanner at the cash register. The system then displays the individual's electronic wallet, which contains the payment options available to them. Current options at Cub Foods include eCheck (a direct debit from an existing checking account) and Illinois Link (EBT). Additional options, such as credit cards, may be added at a later date.
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