Launches Grocery IQ 2.5 for Android 3.0 Inc. has launched Grocery iQ 2.5, a new version of its mobile shopping-list app that introduces a number of enhancements, including features that take advantage of new functionality available exclusively on the new Android 3.0 operating system for tablets.

New features include support for fragments, home screen widgets, and drag and drop. Grocery iQ 2.5 is free and available immediately in Android Market. “The new Android 3.0 platform introduces many technical innovations that enhance the application experience on Android tablets, and Grocery iQ takes full advantage of these new features,” said Steve Horowitz, CTO for “Grocery iQ is one of the first apps available with support for the brand new Android platform, so that our users can immediately get the most out of the new tablet form factor. And, with the ability to synchronize across platforms, users can share lists with other Android devices and the Web.”

Grocery iQ 2.5 offers the following new features:

  • Fragments: Takes advantage of Android 3.0 layout technology to present more information on the larger tablet screen than is possible on a phone, making it even easier to view information and navigate the Grocery iQ application. Fragments dynamically re-size themselves to make room for other fragments as the user navigates the application.
  • Home Screen Widgets: Brings key functionality from Grocery iQ right to the tablet’s home screen in two widgets: a) a list widget that displays the user’s grocery list and b) a stackable widget that displays the coupon gallery.
  • Drag and Drop: Makes it easy to add items from Grocery iQ’s huge product database to the user’s list.
  • Orientation Support: Configures the layout of the application to optimize display as the tablet is rotated between portrait and landscape modes.
  • Action Bar: Grocery iQ uses a simple bar at the top of the screen to allow users to easily switch between lists and coupons or access Settings at any time.

Key features of Grocery iQ include:

  • Quickly and Easily Create Grocery Lists

-- Auto Suggest: Shoppers can begin typing a product name or brand, and Grocery iQ will suggest grocery items to add to lists.

-- Voice Input: Grocery iQ hooks into Android’s built in speech recognition so that shoppers can add items to lists by simply speaking into their mobile device.

-- Favorites and History: Grocery iQ lets users save items to Favorites to make adding frequently purchased items to shopping lists in the future fast and easy. At the same time, Grocery iQ keeps track of shopping history, so users can easily add previously purchased items to lists or save them as favorite items.

  • Organize Lists, Make Shopping Easier

-- Create lists for different stores: Add items to a specific store list or to the global "Any Store" list. Manage as many stores or types of stores as needed.

-- Add item details: Enter product quantity, package size, and other product details. Users can also add product descriptions and notes.

-- Organize items by store aisle: Grocery iQ automatically sorts lists by category. Users can arrange categories to reflect the layout of their favorite stores to have their shopping lists automatically ordered by the store’s aisle arrangement. No more backtracking inside the store, saving shoppers’ time and sparing them from frustration.

  • Share Lists to Coordinate Shopping

-- Synchronized list sharing – With synchronized list sharing, multiple users can share a single shopping list. If someone is on the way to the store or even already there, no problem—users can add a last second item to a Grocery iQ list from any supported device and the item is automatically updated on the shared list. Or, split up in the store and get the shopping done twice as fast. Users can manage a Grocery iQ list from a Web browser or supported mobile device.

-- Email: Users can email shopping lists and coupons that they wish to print.

  • Get Coupons and Save Money

-- Coupon gallery: Mobile versions of Grocery iQ include coupons from, allowing users to browse offers and add items to their shopping list by simply selecting coupon offers. Selected coupons can be emailed for printing later. New offers are added almost daily for top brands consumers love, trust and buy every day.

-- Savings Card: Mobile versions of Grocery iQ also offer Save to Card coupons, which are virtual coupons that are loaded directly to grocery store loyalty cards. Save to Card offers are automatically redeemed at checkout—without clipping. The Save to Card capability currently works with loyalty cards from nine major grocery chains, with more coming.

“Grocery iQ has been so popular because it provides an unbeatable combination of powerful shopping-list functionality, ease of use, and big savings for consumers,” added Horowitz.

Grocery iQ on the Web can be accessed at



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