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Cool energy savings

Commercial refrigeration systems manufacturer Master-Bilt’s new parallel rack refrigeration system was developed to maximize energy savings, while minimizing environmental impact.

The parallel rack refrigeration system, often referred to as a “distributed” system, is a multiple compressor refrigeration unit piped in parallel to yield smooth capacity control compared to a single compressor unit. According to Chicago-based Master-Bilt, a parallel system can be located in a back room or on a roof, in close proximity to refrigeration equipment for reduced piping.

Among the energy saving features cited by Master-Bilt are:
--Ability to match refrigeration capacity to actual load
--The lead compressor is a digital scroll to better match capacity needs, and provides a 3 percent energy saving over standard parallel units
--Subcooling increases refrigerant efficiency on low-temperature applications by approximately 17 percent
--Optional heat reclaim increases energy efficiency by reclaiming waste heat from the condenser
--Optional gas defrost increases energy efficiency by using waste heat for defrosting
The standard rack housing and frame is made of galvanized steel with stainless steel as an option. The rack system also features an electronic controller that can interface into existing building controls and incorporate HACCP recording to allow monitoring of system features, with remote communications possible. Alarm features are built in, and the diagnostic feature reports temperatures, pressures and failure alarms, as well as trending of these readings that can be used to predict maintenance needs.

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