Connected Marketing for a Connected World; How to leverage Web 2.0 technology and mobile communications to promote your brand

The rules of marketing have changed. With so many potential outlets to promote their brands, companies face the challenge of deciding which marketing paths to take. Too often, they fall back on what is comfortable and familiar, such as placing ads online and in print, without pursuing new ideas.

But in the age of social networking and mobility, limiting brand management to only the traditional marketing outlets misses the mark. A more effective approach is to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that leverages and integrates the different components of technology available today. As part of that approach, companies need to get creative in identifying the myriad viral marketing and word-of-mouth opportunities created by Web 2.0 tools and mobile communications. Executed properly, viral marketing can effectively spread the word about your brand in ways inconceivable only a handful of years ago.

With so many outlets, the sky is truly the limit for marketing today. Social networking Web sites can be leveraged to generate buzz around a brand, product or promotion. Texting and instant messaging offer another option. And the potential for marketing through digital signage is, simply put, exponential. As digital signs pop up in elevators, hallways, lobbies, waiting rooms, airports, train stations, theaters and sports arenas, the possibilities for raising brand awareness become nearly limitless.

Join Brandweek for this interactive Web Seminar, sponsored by Microsoft and hear from industry experts as they discuss the concept of “connected marketing” and how to integrate different pieces of technology for a comprehensive brand management and marketing approach.

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