Coming Through the Rye

The introduction of two new crispbread varieties nationwide this summer by Chicago-based Wasa USA -- Crisp’n Light Mild Rye and 100% Whole Grain -- can help health-conscious consumers meet their fiber intake goals and may increase satiety. Each three-piece serving of Crisp’n Light Mild Rye provides 8 percent of the Daily Value for fiber (2 grams), 4 grams of whole grains and only 80 calories, while 100% Whole Grain provides only 40 calories, and no sugar per piece, along with 25 percent of the minimum daily whole grain recommendation from whole grain rye and 8 percent of the Daily Value for fiber. The rye in both varieties contains phytonutrients that function as antioxidants, prebiotics and phytoestrogens, according to the American division of the Stockholm, Sweden-based company. The suggested retail price for Wasa crispbread is $2.99. Find out more by visiting
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