Coca-Cola Offers C-stores Five Ideas to Jumpstart Business

ATLANTA – The Coca-Cola Co. is offering convenience store retailers tips through its new eBooklet, 5 Big Ideas to Jump-Start Your C-Store Business, released through its Coke Solutions website and newsletter.

The free downloadable document contains information designed to help store operators activate the impulse zone, bring gas-and-go customers inside their store and create beverage and snack bundles. The eBooklet also includes brand and package news from the beverage company.

The five big ideas are:

  • Offer big brands and flavors. Coca-Cola is adding to several of its beverage lines, including Minute Maid Juices To Go, NOS Black and White and the new dispensed vitaminwater.
  • A tale of two packages. The company suggests c-stores offer Coca-Cola's 19.2-ounce can to maximize immediate consumption sales, alongside six-packs of 12-ounce cans to attract consumers with future consumption in mind.
  • Activate the impulse zone. By offering beverages at a front-end merchandiser, in a cooler alongside foodservice options and with Coca-Cola's rechargeable barrel cooler, retailers can increase unplanned, spur-of-the-moment sales.
  • Make it more. By offering deals on combos of snacks and cold drinks, retailers can boost profits and better satisfy the needs of customers.
  • Use outdoor messaging to bring gas customers. By letting drivers know that their favorite brands are available for the right price, retailers can lure more customers inside the store and increase total sales.

The eBooklet is available for download at

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