Closer Connection Forming Between On- and Off-Premise

CHICAGO – The connection between consumers' choice of alcoholic beverage in bars and restaurants and what they purchase to enjoy at home is growing stronger, according to the new 2014 SpiritsTAB Report from Technomic Inc.

More than two-fifths of consumers, or 44 percent, agree that they enjoy the same brands at home as they do at restaurants, bars or other commercial establishments, up from 35 percent who stated the same in 2013.

This trend may be welcome news to suppliers, but the connection between on- and off-premise alcoholic purchasing behaviors will present both opportunities and challenges to retailers, Technomic said.

Restaurant and bar operators will want to continue promoting trial and experimentation by offering new brands, drinks and experiences, while retailers must track on-premise drink trends to make sure they stock brands that are popular at the bar. Retail employees will also need to be knowledgeable about these products.

As a result, the suppler-retail connection must be strengthened accordingly, as the retail market will need stronger support from supplier partners in the form of consumer, category and brand insights, category management, promotional resources and tools, according to Technomic.

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