Close to Quarter of Dorothy Lane's Sales Now Biometric, 2 Weeks after Launch

DAYTON, Ohio -Dorothy Lane Market's biometric loyalty and payment service has already been used in transactions totaling 24 percent of sales, even though the program was launched only two weeks ago.

The system, San Francisco-based Pay By Touch's SmartShop, which went live for shoppers on July 25, has driven a 26 percent average redemption rate, as opposed to a 0.6 percent average redemption rate on FSI coupons, said the community-based independent widely known for its customer service levels.

Dorothy Lane is no stranger to loyalty programs, and its Club DLM is well known in the industry. The SmartShop is an enhancement to the program.

"Previously, club members would get some mass offers and some personalized offers," Amy Brinkmoeller, Dorothy Lane's manager of information systems told Progressive Grocer. "The SmartShop system enables us to give them relevant personalized offers every week."

According to the retailer, more than 36 percent of active shoppers - those who shop the stores on a weekly basis - used SmartShop.

One number Brinkmoeller, who spearheaded the SmartShop deployment, said she is particularly happy about is the number of users now paying via ACH through the Pay By Touch system. Transactions totaling 6 percent of sales were paid for using SmartShop.

"The acceptance of payments by e-check is significant for us," said Brinkmoeller. "Transaction fees are generally very high for us, and this will help lower them."
-- Joseph Tarnowski
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