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Click-and-Collect Service Doddle Launches in U.S.

Click-and-Collect Service Doddle Launches in U.S.
U.K. click-and-collect service Doddle is now available Stateside

Doddle, a U.K. click-and-collect platform that bridges the gap between brick-and-mortar stores and online, has launched its services to retailers in the United States. The solutions are fully customizable and easy to deploy, enabling retailers and consumers to have a seamless delivery and returns experience.

“The way we shop has changed dramatically -- and continues to change,” said Tim Robison, CEO at London-based Doddle. “Consumers move fluidly between online and offline shopping, driven by a need for speed, convenience and value. But we’ve seen that much of the retail industry is still thinking and behaving in silos. We want to help retailers bridge that gap between their online and offline worlds.”

Doddle’s click-and-collect solutions are designed to benefit both traditional retailers and pure-play ecommerce businesses. In addition to helping brick-and-mortar scale a better click-and-collect experience and drive down delivery costs, Doddle technology makes it possible for them to provide pickup points for online ecommerce brands, giving them the ability to pull digital traffic into stores.

In the United Kingdom, Doddle has already built a retail partner network, featuring retailers such as Debenhams and grocers like Morrisons. Each store allows shoppers to pick up purchases from other Doddle retail partners, including Amazon. Retailers have seen huge success in launching the technology: For example, 40 percent of customers picking up their online shopping in Debenhams were new to buying with the brand. 

“Brick-and-mortar retailers have been scratching their heads for years about how to navigate online competition, while online has been doing the same about how to get into physical retail,” added Robinson. “We’ve created a solution that’s mutually beneficial for everyone, including customers, that solves these challenges. In fact, 58 percent of customers collecting or returning a package at one of Doddle’s partner locations made an in-store purchase. It’s a no-brainer for the industry.”

In addition to click-and-collect, Doddle’s network and technology also service in-store returns. If a shopper wishes to return a purchase, they can simply bring it to any participating retailer, drop it off, and the partner location will handle the return, hassle-free. 

“We wanted to create a better retail ecosystem,” said Robinson. “Through our technology and partners, we are able to help each stakeholder in the retail space -- from brands to logistics providers to customers -- get a better experience in an increasingly complex and challenging landscape.”

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