Chock full o' Nuts Redesigns Coffee Can

HARRISON, N.Y. - Old Chock full o' Nuts cans have become collectors' items now that Chock full o' Nuts here, a division of Sara Lee Coffee & Tea, has redesigned its coffee can, removing the image of the World Trade Center from the container's signature profile of the New York City skyline.

The company began phasing in a new design, featuring a transparent contemporary skyline on a yellow background, earlier this year, and the move received significant coverage on New York television newscasts this week. The company decided to change its logo after determining that the old one was "too divisive," Angie Hancock, a Chock full o' Nuts brand manager, told the Associated Press.

"It was split 50-50 between people wanting to see it there, and people not wanting to see it there," she said. "It would either remind them of what it looked like, a sense of nostalgia, or it would be a reminder of a tragedy."

The last of the old-logo cans were shipped in March and should now be working themselves off store shelves.
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