CheapTweet Helping Retailers With Back to School Promos

Online shopper community is working with retailers and consumers alike to help locate and deliver the best deals on Twitter for school supplies for upcoming classes.

Austin, Texas-based CheapTweet compiles promotion and coupon Tweets from retailers around the country and organizes them with a searchable index so that members can find relevant products and -- if they want -- vote on them.

“On Twitter, you live and die by relevance,” said Hayes Davis, founder and CEO of Appozite, CheapTweet’s parent company. “Brands that are transparent and strategic about how they use social media to communicate with their customers will be the only brands that thrive on Twitter. CheapTweet aligns perfectly with this strategy, since our goal is to help our community save money by engaging with their favorite brands, unlike traditional advertising. Online sellers are recognizing the value of reaching their customers through Twitter and the CheapTweet community, and we look forward to working with many more companies to optimize their Twitter presence.”

According to the company, several Tier 1 and Tier 2 retailers are working with CheapTweet to extend the reach of their back-to-school deals to CheapTweet’s community of shoppers on Twitter.
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