Cellfire Launches Syndication Program for Smartphones

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Cellfire Launches Syndication Program for Smartphones

Cellfire, Inc. yesterday launched QMobile Coupons, an electronic coupon syndication platform developed for iPhone and Android mobile applications. The platform provides a new way for mobile application developers and brands to provide grocery coupon offers to the rapidly expanding mobile audience.

“Cellfire continues to develop ways for grocery shoppers to find and use electronic coupons,” said Robert Drescher, CEO of San Jose-Calif.-based provider. “With QMobile Coupons, consumers can now use their favorite mobile apps to find great discounts, when they want and within a familiar context.”

The platform was designed to enable consumers to easily discover and save coupons to their grocery store savings card anytime and anywhere within the convenience of their popular mobile applications. The new offering was created via several partnerships between Cellfire and applications such as ShopSavvy, Grocery Gadget and Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant.

“More than 5.5 million savvy shoppers use ShopSavvy each month to scan bar codes for everything from tuna fish to plasma TVs,” noted Alexander Muse, co-founder of Dallas-based ShopSavvy. “By incorporating Cellfire’s QMobile Coupons platform, our users will be able to discover and use grocery coupons without leaving the ShopSavvy experience.”

The QMobile Coupons program represents the first time Cellfire has brought electronic grocery coupon distribution to smartphone application developers. The platform helps developers monetize their apps, while also offering value to their end users. Integration of QMobile Coupons can be customized with other Cellfire syndication suite tools, such as QFinder Coupons, Cellfire’s content discovery APIs.

The platform was developed using the latest Web browser technology, including Webkit, CSS and HTML5 toolboxes.