Cellfire and Location Labs to Deliver Location Driven Grocery Coupons

Cellfire Inc. and Location Labs, a provider of mobile location-as-a-service infrastructure and applications, formed a partnership in which Location labs’ Store Alerts feature is integrated into the new Cellfire iPhone and Android applications.

The feature sends real-time alerts about available coupons whenever users are physically near one of their preferred grocery stores, which they can select from within Cellfire’s network of 5,000 grocery locations.

“Our Geofencing technology, as part of our Sparkle Platform, introduces another layer of intelligence making mobile applications more targeted and relevant, for both consumers and brands,” said Akash Agarwal, SVP platform products at San Francisco-based Location Labs. “Cellfire is a leader in digital couponing and we’re providing precise, next-generation location capabilities for this grocery industry first.”

Cellfire allows consumers to access grocery coupons from their favorite brands using their mobile device. Selected grocery coupons are immediately loaded to the grocery savings card and applied automatically at checkout. To start saving and receiving Store Alerts, consumers can download the Cellfire mobile application at the Apple App Store, the Android Market, or via Cellfire’s website for Web-enabled cell phones. Once the Store Alerts capability is enabled, consumers automatically begin to receive coupon reminders when they are physically near their selected stores. Consumers can choose the conditions and the store locations where they would like to receive Store Alerts.

“We’re always looking for ways to make mobile couponing a more convenient and relevant experience for our users and location is a perfect context,” said Paul Stanley, VP of marketing and product management for San Jose, Calif.-based Cellfire. “With Store Alerts, consumers won’t forget about any new and saved offers. More importantly, this feature increases the potential for brands and grocers to influence the actual consumer purchasing decisions in-store.”

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