CCRC Reveals the Four Faces of Social Media Users

Not all social web users are created equally, according to the latest installment of a new study conducted by the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council (CCRC), “Untangling the Social Web: Insights for Users, Brands and Retailers.”

The report reveals the inside scoop on four categories of users including their style, the manner in which they interact and their influence as shoppers. Insights into “bonders,” “sharers,” “professionals” and “creators” can help retailers more effectively leverage social media for strategic business purposes.

• Bonders, as their name suggests, love forming groups and building relationships. They were the fastest adapters to social networking and today are the most likely to use mobile devices to keep in touch with their networks no matter where or what they are doing.

• Sharers love spreading the word on what they are doing including their shopping patterns. This group loves talking about their experiences, which makes them extra influential when it comes to spreading the word about products, services and stores.

• Professionals use the web to build their network for both personal and work issues. They are a little more careful with their posts, but still like to offer and spread their opinions in a timely fashion. Their work-life balance reflects itself in the social web, as they are just as likely to use professional sites like LinkedIn as Facebook and Twitter.

• Creators use the social web to launch their new ideas and express their eclectic thoughts on a variety of topics. They post content, watch videos, read blogs and more in their daily path through the web.

Additional details on the social using habits of all four groups came through loud in clear in interviews conducted by The Integer Group, the Colorado-based group running this new study for the Council.

For more insights on the four personality types, download the report at, under the tab marked North America.

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