Category Captain: Fresh-cut Fruit: Del Monte Fresh

In 2010, Del Monte Fresh maintained the fresh-cut business for the Western division of a major national retailer. Syndicated data was employed to identify fresh-cut sales trends nationally, regionally and by market. This data was cross-referenced with a list of actual scanned store sales provided by the retailer to pinpoint any missed opportunities. Additionally, Market Track Ad Data was reviewed in the retailer’s market to create a promotional ad plan for the fresh-cut items. This data also helped identify periods when whole fruit was cannibalizing sales of like fresh-cut items. Finally, Spectra data was used to confirm any proposed changes to product offerings.

After reviewing and analyzing the data, planograms were revised, promotional plans were finalized and Del Monte merchandisers visited select stores to monitor the effects of the changes. Ultimately, Del Monte was able to significantly help the retailer meet its shrink and profitability targets, decreasing shrink by almost eight percentage points and increasing profits by more than 21 percentage points.

Del Monte Fresh category managers work closely with retail partners, as in the above instance, to formulate and execute plans to help optimize sales, while the company’s merchandisers assist with the rollout of these plans at retail and ensure that the best products are made available to consumers.

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