Category Captain: Deli Meats: Dietz & Watson

In today’s dynamic retail environment, Dietz & Watson takes a specialized category management approach in each market to cater to the needs of targeted consumers. Through a variety of analytical tools, Dietz & Watson tailors protein assortments, deli meat display size and promotional strategies to best fit with a store’s shoppers, therefore growing success in the deli meat category.

At a time when consumers demand a wide range of health requirements, flavor preferences and pricing levels, retailers and suppliers must work together to identify and provide the ideal products. To specifically address consumers with celiac disease and others choosing a gluten-free diet, Dietz & Watson teamed with Supervalu’s Philadelphia-based Acme Markets division to open the first-ever dedicated gluten-free deli, which features a special 8-foot section dedicated consisting solely of gluten-free products that are isolated from other deli product to avoid cross-contamination.

Conducting flavor-by-segment analyses to ensure the correct flavor assortments are in place at a retailer, Dietz & Watson has worked with Nielsen Spectra to further create custom consumer profiles for each of its retailer partners to match product assortment down to store level to ensure a proper fit.

Dietz & Watson also works with retailers to better understand what promotions are most effective. The company monitors product performance via point-of-sale data to determine week-by-week promotional efficiency, subsidization level and volume sold on promotion, which helps Dietz & Watson determine the most effective promotional strategies.

To help grow success of the deli meat category overall, Dietz & Watson developed a tool that details optimal price points based on uplift and promotional efficiency for any brand of deli meat, while also using Market Track to monitor the weekly circular promotions at the retailer and the competitive market levels to understand the full scope and interaction of promotions.

Rounding off these efforts, in-depth promotional partnerships the company conducts with partners such as Albertsons and Winn-Dixie have resulted in significant increases in deli meat sales at stores in both chains.

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