Category Advisor: Natural and Organic Foods: Kashi

Kashi is the leading center store natural/organic brand, with products in cereal, wholesome snacks, frozen entrees, 

cookies and crackers. As such, the company teams with retailers to ensure they have robust strategies across their entire natural/organic portfolios and capitalize on its upward trend. Kashi accomplishes this through research, category management tools, shopper insights, retailer-specific programs, innovation and brand building.
Product innovation has been key to Kashi’s success. Recently introduced items include TLC Pita Crisps, TLC Peanutty Dark Chocolate Layer Bar and TLC Cherry Vanilla Cereal Bar. 
The company’s category management toolbox includes a new syndicated data partnership with Nielsen, Fifth Dimension virtual store testing capabilities, the Shopper’s Edge tool
and custom store audits.
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