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Catalina’s 'My Favorite Deals' Personalizes Ad Circulars

Catalina’s new "My Favorite Deals" solution is a way for retailers to drive greater sales and customer loyalty, and promises a more personalized, meaningful experience for shoppers.

My Favorite Deals selects the top five items most likely to be purchased by an individual shopper based on the individual’s brand purchases, category purchases and purchase cycle. The instant match starts by reviewing – a week in advance – the store’s weekly circular. In addition to the metrics already mentioned, Catalina factors in third-party data, such as weather or flu season. If a shopper happens to purchase something every 180 days, a relevant deal will make it to the list during the week closest to the 180-day mark. These curated deals are shared with shoppers either in print form from the cashier, through the retailer’s website or email, and in-store if the retailer has near field communication technology such as iBeacon.

“My Favorite Deals modernizes how retailers are communicating with shoppers,” says Marla Thompson, SVP of strategy for Catalina. “Billions of dollars are spent on circulars, but few consumers actually see them. My Favorite Deals personalizes relevant deals in real time, towards a goal of making the weekly circular relevant through any channel.”

After an initial launch in the U.K., My Favorite Deals is also available in France and in the U.S. While Catalina wouldn’t identify U.S. retailers, Thompson indicated one retailer currently using the solution is a national chain, while the other is located in New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. Results indicate that My Favorite Deals drives significant incremental lifts of 1.5 to 5 percent for sales of promoted items, and an equal increase in sales to targeted shoppers. “We drill into what matters most for each shopper,” says Thompson.

While My Favorite Deals is an incremental service to Catalina customers, there is no additional hardware or system changes.

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